Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Upcoming Art Shows #OTEAG

Sherry Krulle-Beaton
Upcoming Art Shows 
 Save the dates
      People's Choice Award Winner Marlene K. Korey solo showing
October 17, 2014

Artist submission date for Winters Edge
November 3 & 4 from 3:30-6:00pm

Winters Edge Showing Reception 
November 22,2014 6:30-9:00pm

Saturday, August 2, 2014

From RecycledRecordArt

Welcome to the RecycledRecordArt.com Best Comment Contest!  In order to win, you need to qualify and then post the best comment for the item (on the list below).  Below is information on us, how to qualify, the rules, and a list of the Notebooks and Record Holders you can win by creating the best comments on them.

About RecycledRecordArt.com
At RecycledRecordArt.com, we rescue record albums from dark garages, and dank storage units, and keep them out of landfills (vinyl records are non biodegradable!) by turning them into working art.  We take album covers and up-cycle them into reusable Notebooks and vinyl records are forged into Record Holders -- Bowls, Boxes and Pencil Holders.  Record Holders and are perfect for holding small items in your office, living room, bedroom or anywhere you need to keep things. And they make excellent gifts!

How to Qualify
In order to win, you must qualify.  To qualify for the RecycledRecordArt.com Best Comment Contest, you must be willing and able to:
  • travel to Kearney Mesa in San Diego, California to claim your prize
  • help make your Record Holder shape, which entails getting hot
  • post photos and comments all over Social Media during, and after the contest
  • post good, kind, humorous and witty comments on the pages of the RecycledRecordArt products on the list below
  • Email your name and phone number to: info@recycledrecordart.com 
  • Click link(s) below to be taken to the page the item(s) you want to win
    • Once there, write a comment at the bottom of the page
    • Follow all protocols for leaving comments
  • In the comment, describe why you should be given this item free of charge
    • Share the page, and your attached comment(s) on Social Media
  • The best comment, placed (on qualifying items) during the contest dates, wins that item
    • The best comment is at the sole discretion of RecycledRecordArt
    • "There is no criteria for 'best' but I'll know it when I see it"
  • You may enter as many times as you like for as many of the items, on the list below, as you like
    • Only comments on the items listed below qualify for the contest
    • But go ahead and comment on other items too
  • You may comment as much and as many times as you like
    • Commenting in response to another person's comment is encouraged
  • All comments will be moderated 
    • Mean, Dangerous or non-clever comments will be removed 
    • Removed comments are disqualified
  • Encourage your friends to like your comments on Social Media
  • The Contest begins at 8:00 a.m. on 7/28/14 and ends at 5:00 p.m. on 9/1/14
    • Only comments made between the above dates/times will be considered
    • If someone purchase the item before that time you're out of luck
  • Winners will be announced September 2nd
    • You will be asked to contact us to schedule your processing and pick up time
What you can win
Each item has a link to its own page on RecycledREcordArt.com. To click the link of the item(s) you want to win and leave your comment(s) there.  We've sorted them by Artist, Album and Style.  Good luck and may the comments be ever in your favor!

Contest Cuties By Artist

Artist Album Style
Adams, Bryan Cuts Like a Knife 80s
Chorus Line Broadway Cast Album Musicals
Clapton, Eric Timepieces Classic Rock
Cocker, Joe A Little Help From My Friends Classic Rock
Diamond, Neil The Jazz Singer Musicals
ELO/ONJ XANADU Soundtrack Musicals
Jett, Joan I Love Rock N Roll 80s
Kool and the Gang Ladies' Night  R&B
Sister Sledge We Are Family R&B
Snow, Phoebe Phoebe Snow Classic Rock
Steve Miller Band Fly Like an Eagle Classic Rock
Van Halen 1984 80s

Contest Cuties By Album

Album Artist Style
1984 Van Halen 80s
A Little Help From My Friends Cocker, Joe Classic Rock
Broadway Cast Album Chorus Line Musicals
Cuts Like a Knife Adams, Bryan 80s
Fly Like an Eagle Steve Miller Band Classic Rock
I Love Rock N Roll Jett, Joan 80s
Ladies' Night  Kool and the Gang R&B
Phoebe Snow Snow, Phoebe Classic Rock
The Jazz Singer Diamond, Neil Musicals
Timepieces Clapton, Eric Classic Rock
We Are Family Sister Sledge R&B
XANADU Soundtrack ELO/ONJ Musicals

Contest Cuties By Style

Style Artist Album
80s Adams, Bryan Cuts Like a Knife
80s Jett, Joan I Love Rock N Roll
80s Van Halen 1984
Classic Rock Clapton, Eric Timepieces
Classic Rock Cocker, Joe A Little Help From My Friends
Classic Rock Snow, Phoebe Phoebe Snow
Classic Rock Steve Miller Band Fly Like an Eagle
Musicals Chorus Line Broadway Cast Album
Musicals Diamond, Neil The Jazz Singer
Musicals ELO/ONJ XANADU Soundtrack
R&B Kool and the Gang Ladies' Night 
R&B Sister Sledge We Are Family

Thursday, May 8, 2014

ArtCar Open Car for Artists and the Curious 5-17-14

Painted Panel by Midge Hyde
Are you interested in art, protest art, and/or art painted right on a car? Are you an artist with something to say? What if you just want to see what a rolling protest of General Motors looks like?

If you are any of these people -- or anybody else -- you are invited to a free ArtCar Open Car Sat. May 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The ArtCar Open Car is the best way to learn how and why we're protesting General Motors' late recall of a certain 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt.  Partial answer: We're turning a regular Chevy Cobalt into the DeathTrapArtCar!

Lizzie claims her door.
The ArtCar Open Car will feature the partially transformed car and the artists who are making protest art on it. Some of them might be painting right on the car!  The ArtCar Open Car takes place at On The Edge Art Gallery, 7317 El Cajon Boulevard, La Mesa, CA 91942. -see the map

Come take a look at the DeathTrapArtCar and, if you are an artist, claim a panel on which to paint your protest!  The photo below shows who's claimed what, and what's still available. Please join us at On The Edge Art Gallery, on May 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We look forward to meeting you!

Here's what's available:

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Next Open Car May 17

Curator Kevin Six with the DeathTrapArtCar.
Join us at OnTheEdgeArtGallery, Saturday, May 17 from 10 AM to 1 PM. Watch the DeathTrapArtCar being painted, protest General Motors' bad recall practices, and claim one of the remaining panels on the formerly normal 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt.

The gallery is located at 7317 El Cajon Blvd. (on the edge of San Diego and La Mesa). For more information, email car@deathtrapartcar.com.

See you there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Call to artists from a friend of OnTheEdge

Call to artists: send message to GM on car

Attention San Diego visual artists:
Is your art going places? Have you ever wanted your art to move at 65 miles per hour? What would you say to thousands of commuters every day?

If you have answers to these questions, DeathTrapArtCar wants you.

The Death Trap Art Car began life as a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt, with a faulty ignition switch.  It was sold to a family who returned it and resold to someone who was shocked to learn that he'd been driving a deathtrap since 2010.  The news came in the form of a recall letter from General Motors.

The letter from General Motors said that the car would be fixed.  But not yet.  While automobile owners wait for parts, cars with the same faulty ignition were responsible for 13 deaths (said General Motors, but others in the automobile business put that number at closer to 300).

300+ preventable deaths and the car cannot be fixed for lack of parts.  Instead, GM wants owners to reduce the number of keys on their rings, which they say will solve the problem. Until the faulty ignition can be replaced.  Then, ostensibly, the car will be fixed better?

In the meantime the 2007 Cobalt has $0 resale value and might just turn itself (and the airbags) off while driving.  The owner of this car cannot afford a new one and really thinks people should be warned that his car might just stop working and start killing people.

That's where you come in.

Because the car is worthless -- and already Caution Tape Yellow -- it is the perfect venue for sternly worded, though poignantly beautiful, messages to General Motors about their responsibility to faultless owners, passengers and commuters. The DeathTrapArtCar.com website was designed to attract artists to the project, document their progress, and showcase the art via videos and pictures of the DeathTrapArtCar as it commutes, vacations and visits large gatherings, events and functions.

If you have a masterpiece that you'd like to paint on (or otherwise permanently attach to) the fastest art gallery in the world, DeathTrapArtCar might be just for you. If you are interested, please email us with your idea and how you'd like to execute it.

Artists will be chosen soon.  Thanks and here's that email address!